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101213904 | CSS 11-300-D-M-ST

  101213904 | CSS 11-300-D-M-ST
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Техническая спецификация в PDF  

Ordering details

Product type descriptionCSS 11-300-D-M-ST
Article number101213904
EAN Code4030661405650


Approval TÜV


StandardsEN ISO 13849-1, IEC 61508, IEC 60947-5-3
PLup e
Control categorybis 4
PFH3.6 x 10 -9/h
SILbis 3
Mission time20 Years

Global Properties

Permanent lightCSS 300
StandardsIEC 60947-5-3, EN ISO 13849-1
Compliance with the Directives (Y/N) Yes
Suitable for safety functions (Y/N)Yes
FunctionSensor for series wiring
Series-wiringup to 31 components
Length of the sensor chainmax. 200 m
Active principleinductive
- Material of the housingsPlastic
- Material of the active surfacePlastic
Housing construction formcylinder, thread
Diagnostic output (Y/N)Yes
Reaction time<>
Duration of risk<>
Cascadable (Y/N)Yes
Recommended actuatorCST 30S-1

Mechanical data

mechanical installation conditionsnot flush
Actuating planesActuation from top
Active areafront
Switch distance Sn11 mm
Ensured switch distance ON Sao8 mm
Ensured switch distance OFF Sar15 mm
hysteresis< 2="">
Repeat accuracy R R< 1="">
restistance to shock30 g / 11 ms
Resistance to vibration10 … 55 HZ, Amplitude 1 mm

Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature
- Min. environmental temperature−25
- Max. environmental temperature+65
Storage and transport temperature
- Min. Storage and transport temperature−25
- Max. Storage and transport temperature+85
Protection classIP65, IP67 to IEC/EN 60529
Protection ratingII
Air clearances and creepage distances To IEC/EN 60664-1
- Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp0,8 kV
- Overvoltage categoryIII
- Degree of pollution3

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

EMC ratingto IEC 61000-6-2
Interfering radiationto IEC 61000-6-4

Electrical data

Cross circuit/short circuit recognition possible (Y/N)Yes
Voltage typeDC
Switch frequency3
Rated insulation voltage Ui32 VAC/DC
Rated operating voltage Ue (stabilised PELV)
- Min. Rated operating voltage20.4 VDC
- Max. Rated operating voltage26.4 VDC
Operating current Ie0,6 A
No-load current I00,1 A
Required rated short-circuit current100 A
Device insulation (Circuit breaker)2 A
noticeThe cable section of the interconnecting cable must be observed for both wiring variants! Cable length and cable section alter the voltage drop depending on the output current

Electrical data - Safety inputs

Safety inputsX1 and X2

Electrical data - Safety outputs

Safety outputsY1 and Y2
Fuse ratingshort-circuit proof
Design of control outputp-type
Number of secure semi-conductor outputs2
Max. output current at secured output0,25 A
Rated operating voltagemin. (Ue −1 V)
Residual current Ir< 0,5="">
Operating current Iemax. 0,25 A
Minimum operating current Im0,5 mA
Utilisation categoryDC-12: 24 V / 0,25 A
DC-13: 24 V / 0,25 A
Voltage drop Ud< 1="">

Electrical data - Diagnostic output

Serial diagnostics (Y/N)No
Fuse ratingshort-circuit proof
Design of control outputp-type
Number of semi-conductor outputs with signaling function1
Rated operating voltagemin. (Ue − 5 V)
Operating current Iemax. 0,05 A
Voltage drop Ud< 5="">
Utilisation categoryDC-12: 24 V / 0,05 A
DC-13: 24 V / 0,05 A

LED switching conditions display

LED switching conditions display (Y/N)Yes
Number of LED´s2


Explosion protection categories for gasesNone
Explosion protected category for dustsNone


Dimensions of the sensor
- Length of sensor99.5
- Diameter of sensorM30

Pin assignment

1 - A1 Ue(1)
2 - X1 Safety input 1(2)
3 - A2 GND(3)
4 - Y1 Safety output 1(4)
5 - OUT Diagnostic output(5)
6 - X2 Safety input 2(6)
7 - Y2 Safety output 2(7)
8 - IN without function(8)


Requirements for the safety monitoring moduleThe safety monitoring module must tolerate internal functional tests of the safety outputs for 250 μs –1500 μs.
The 250 μs switch-off time of the safety sensor additionally will be extended depending on the cable length and the capacity of the cable used. Typically, a switch-off time of 500 μs is reached with a 100 m connecting cable.

Included in delivery

Actuators must be ordered separately.
Mounting accessories Nuts M 18 x 12 piece


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