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126763 | CET4-AP-CRA-AH-50X-SI-C2438-126763

  126763 | CET4-AP-CRA-AH-50X-SI-C2438-126763
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Техническая спецификация в PDF  

Mechanical values and environment

Housing material
SlideStainless steel
Safety switch housingDie-cast aluminum
Net 1 kg
Ambient temperature
At UB = 24V DC -20 ... 55 °C
Degree of protectionIP67 Screwed tight plug connector/mating component
Resilience to vibrationIn acc. with EN IEC 60947-5-2
Mechanical life 1 x 106
Installation positionAny Preferably head downward
Degree of freedom
Z±4 mm
Y±5 mm
X±5 mm
Ready delay 1 s
Switching frequencymax.0,5 Hz
Connection2 plug connectors M12, 5-pin
Approach speed 20 m/min
Guard locking principleOpen-circuit current principle
Locking force Fmax 6500 N
Locking force FZh 5000 N

Electrical connection ratings

Operating voltage DC
UB 24 V DC  -15% ... 15% Reverse polarity protected, regulated, residual ripple < 5%,="" pelv="">
LED 24 V DC  -15% ... 10%
Current consumption
IB 80 mA
ICM 480 mA
Utilization category according to EN 60947-5-2
DC-1324V 200mA Caution: outputs must be protected with a free-wheeling diode in case of inductive loads
Solenoid operating voltage DC
UCM 24 V DC  -15% ... +10% Reverse polarity protected, regulated, residual ripple < 5%,="" pelv="">
External (operating voltage UB) 0,25 ... 2 A
External (solenoid operating voltage UCM) 0,5 ... 8 A
Power consumption
Solenoidmax.12 W
EMC protection requirementsIn acc. with EN IEC 60947-5-3
Solenoid duty cycle 100 %
Degree of contamination (external, according to EN 60947-1)3
Connecting cable30V DC, 2A For UL requirement UL category code (CYJV/CYJV7)
Safety class
Switching load
According to UL24V DC, class 2 For alternatives see operating instructions
Safety outputs OA/OB
Type of output2 semiconductor outputs, p-switching, short circuit-proof
Switching current
Per safety output OA / OB 1 ... 200 mA
Output voltage
High U(OA) / U(OB) UB-1,5V ... UB V DC
Low U(OA) / U(OB) 0 ... 1 V DC
Off-state current Irmax.0,25 mA
Risk time according to EN 60947-5-3
Single devicemax.400 ms
Switch-on time 400 ms
Discrepancy time
Both safety outputsmax.10 ms
Monitoring output OUT D
Type of outputp-switching, short circuit-proof
Switching current
OUT D 1 ... 50 mA
Output voltage
OUT D 0,8xUB ... UB V DC
Switching delay from state changemax.700 ms

Operating distance

Repeat accuracy R
According to EN 60947-5-2 10 %


For the approval according to UL the following appliesOperation only with UL class 2 power supply, or equivalent measures see operating instructions

Reliability values acc. to EN ISO 13849-1

Performance LevelPL e
Head upward 3
Head downward or horizontal 4
Head upward4.29 x 10-8
Head downward or horizontal3.1 x 10-9
Mission time 20 y


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